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What Are the Main Steps of the Sand Casting Process?

1. Steps of sand casting process

Step 1: Before starting the casting, the process drawing needs to be made according to the drawing of the casting.

Step 2: Before starting the formal production, we must make preparations. Sand casting core materials, sand boxes, production materials and core boxes, etc., are all materials that must be prepared in advance.

Step 3: sand mixing process. We have to adjust the suitable sand mold according to the requirements of sand casting and different casting categories such as water glass casting, vacuum sand casting, and furan sand casting, so that it can be used for modeling.

Step 4: the next step of sand mold casting is core making, modeling and mold matching.

Step 5: The casting factory will allocate the chemical composition according to the required composition. It is necessary to choose a better melting material for casting process like furan resin sand casting process, so as to obtain the molten steel that meets the requirements.

Step 6: Pour the processed molten steel into the sand box that has been equipped with the mold before, and then pour it.

Step 7: After pouring is completed, wait until the metal liquid is completely solidified, and then clean the excess sand and falling sand. Then remove the gate and other accessories, so that one sand casting process, for example, the resin sand casting process, is completed.

Step 8: The last step of the sand casting process is testing to see if the product meets the requirements.

2. Summary of sand casting process

The above is the introduction of the steel casting manufacturers to the entire process of sand casting. The key is to ensure that each step can be completed smoothly in these processes. Avoid casting defects, which will affect the quality of the product.