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Company Profile

Who we are

WALKSON is a professional supplier of casting, forgings, and fabrication products. Industries we serve including Mining, Mineral Processing and Oil & Gas industry. Material includes carbon steel, low alloy steel, high chrome white iron, high manganese steel, Stainless steel, Superalloy, Ti-Alloy, Metal ceramic composite material, and bimetal composite.

We are committed to delivering high-quality products and services to your design and specification with Max. Weight for casting up to 20tons/pc, for forging up to 80ton/pc. 

Our capability

We can provide a wide range of products as below:

  • Ground Engaged Tool (G.E.T) 

Typical products are cast lip, ground engaging teeth, adaptor, shroud, heel corner, rigging.

  • Wear protection products

Bimetallic wear plate, Chocky bar, wear a button, Ni-hard wear liners, mining picks

  • Undercarriage components

Sprocket, idler, crawler shoes, rollers

  • Mineral processing 

SAG Mill liners, Rod mill liners, Vertical mill metal-ceramic composite mill roller & pan Guide plate, Rotating and static ring, Jaw plate, Cone / Mantle, Blow bar, Hammer, Shoe hammer of VSI Crusher.

  • Heavy engineering components

Dragline excavator walking CAM, walking frame, propel CAM shaft, sheave, Knee links.    

  • Oil and Gas

Mainly hydraulic valve components, including ball valve, check valve, etc.

  • Metal fabrication 

Metal stamping, hot extrusion, welding, folding, or bending, laser cutting, water jetting, metal spinning, finishing.

  • Typical Equipment 

EAF(Electrical Arc Furnace), AOD(Arc Argon Decarburization Furnace), LF(Ladle Furnace), VD(Vacuum Degassing Furnace), 10m×10mx10m Quench Tank, 7000T press machine, 4.3m×2.5m×10.8m CNC machine center, Floor type boring machine 5m×15m, 8m(diameter) ×3.2m vertical lathe, etc.

Company Culture

  • Our Mission

Supply high-quality casting, forging, and fabrication products and services to customers all over the world.

  • Our Vision

Be recognized as a reliable supply partner of castings, forgings, and metal fabrications. Provide high-quality products and services to customers.

  • Our Values

Safety-it is the first thing for us, we are committed to the prevention of injures and incidents.

Customer- we value customer experience a lot, focus on using high-quality products and services to satisfy our customers.

Respect- It is the foundation of communication and cooperation, which is a key value for our development. This is not only suited between us and our customers but also suit among our employees.