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Open-die Forging

Open die forging is a kind of forging method which makes the metal deform freely in all directions between the upper anvil and the lower anvil by open die forging press using the impact force or pressure, and obtains the required shape, size and certain mechanical properties without any restriction. 

Besides professional cold forging process, types of hot forging, Walkson also provides open and closed die drop forging. As a professional open and closed die drop forging manufacturer, WALKSON has big open die forging factory and provides different types of open die forging process. For more information of the open die drop forging, please feel free to contact us and get related open die forging diagram, pdf files or videos.  

The tools and equipment used in free forging are simple, versatile, and low cost.

Compared with the casting blank, the free forging eliminates the defects of shrinkage cavity, porosity, and air hole, which makes the blank have higher mechanical properties. The open die drop forging service by WALKSON is simple in shape and flexible in operation. Therefore, it is of great significance in the manufacture of heavy machinery and important parts. 

Walkson, as a reliable open die forging company, has its own factory and can provide a wide range of open die forging products, such as forging shaft, forging links, propel shaft for heavy equipment.

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