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Types of WALKSON Ground Engaging Tools

The Benefits of G. E.T

WALKSON supplies Ground Engaging Tools manufactured by our experienced engineers and highly skilled workers, where technical know-how combines with extensive practical experience. We offer the best solutions for both surface mining and underground mining operations. WALKSON Ground Engaging Tools are made of steel with specific heat treatment. 

According to different duty tasks and service conditions, we offer hardened steel, extra heat-treated G.E.T, and those with increased resistance to impacts and high temperatures, ideal for heavy-duty. Tungsten carbide overlay on G.E.T surface also available. (PTAW welding) with high-quality steel castings, forgings and other metal parts, WALKSON ground engaging tools are cast to last. We are always on the pursue of new etc.

G.E.T is one of the most important part of mining machines, no matter how big or how small it is. Loaders, Excavators, Backhoe Loaders, Motor Graders, Tractors, the productivity of those machines directly affected by Ground Engaging Tools like wheel loader bucket teeth, which are also the main system that protects the machine. Low-quality G.E.T may result in wear-and-tear, which impacting the general level of productivity. 

Also, low-quality G.E.T can influence the components and have a negative effect on fuel consumption, even reduces engine and power train life with both direct and indirect maintenance costs. While high-quality G.E.T can protect your machines, reduces downtime, save your cost and boost your productivity.

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