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Heat Treatment Normalizing

Define normalizing in heat treatment: heat treatment normalizing is a kind of heat treatment to improve the toughness of steel. In the normalising process, after the steel members are heated to 30-50 ℃ above Ac3 temperature, they shall be kept for a period of time and discharged for air cooling. The main feature is that the cooling rate is faster than annealing but lower than quenching. 

During the normalizing process, the crystalline grains of steel can be refined in a slightly faster cooling process. Not only the satisfactory strength can be obtained, but also the toughness (Akv value) can be significantly improved and the cracking tendency of components can be reduced, meeting the purpose of normalizing. After normalizing, the comprehensive mechanical properties of some low alloy hot rolled steel plates, steel forgings and castings can be greatly improved, and the cutting properties can also be improved. As a process of heat treating, normalizing by WALKSON, a professional heat treatment manufacturer, is widely used for alloy steel casting, carbon steel casting, alloy steel forging products, etc. For more information, please feel free to contact us and get relevant pdf documents.

Products we widely do but not limit to:

Wear resistant castings, alloy steel casting, carbon steel casting, stainless steel casting, duplex steel casting, High Chromite cast iron, Manganese steel casting, High alloy steel casting, supper alloy steel casting, Ni-hard wear products.

Ground Engaged Tool (G.E.T)

Typical products are cast lip, teeth, cast adaptor, shroud, heel corner

Wear Protection Products

Bimetallic wear plate, Chocky bar, wear button, Ni-hard wear liners, mining picks

Undercarriage Components

Sprocket, idler, crawler shoes, rollers

Mineral Processing

SAG Mill liners, Vertical mill metal ceramic composite mill roller & pan Guide plate, Rotating and static ring, Jaw plate, Cone / Mantle, Blow bar, Hammer, Shoe hammer of VSI Crusher.

Heavy Engineering Components

Dragline excavator walking CAM, walking frame, CAM shaft, bubble shaft iron, sheave

Oil and Gas

Mainly Valve components, including ball valve, check valve, etc.

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