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  • Aluminum Sand Casting

Aluminum Sand Casting

Aluminium sand casting is a kind of pure aluminum or aluminum alloy equipment which is produced by casting. 

Generally, the liquid aluminum or aluminum alloy heated by sand mold or metal mold is poured into the mold cavity during the aluminum sand mould casting process, and the aluminum parts or aluminum alloy parts with various shapes and sizes are usually called aluminum die castings by many aluminum sand casting companies.

Material we can do but not limited to:

GB(LD-2, 2011, LY12,1060,1070,1100 6082,6060,7075,5052)

JIS(A6061, A6063, A2011,A2024,1060,1070,1100, 6082,6060,7075,5252)

AISI(6061, 6063,2011,2024,1060,1070,1100,6082,6060,7075,5252)

DIN(ALMg1SiCu, ALMg0.7Si, ALCuMg2, ALCuMg1, AL99.6, AL99.7,AL99.0Cu, ALSi1MgMn, ALMgSi, ALZN5.5MgCu,ALMg2.5)

Products: Aluminum, alloy aluminum products

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