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Heat Treatment Quenching & tempering

The purpose of quenching in heat treatment is to transform the undercooled austenite into martensite or bainite to obtain martensite or bainite structure, tempering at different temperatures to greatly improve the rigidity, hardness, wear resistance, fatigue strength and toughness of the steel, so as to meet the requirements of various mechanical parts and tools. 

WALKSON, specializing in different types of heat treatment process like annealing, quenching, hardening and tempering, has 2 types of quenching tanks. One is water tank with 4 agitators full drive stirring of the water when doing the quenching work, the other one is oil tank which suitable the casting and forging products have high carbon content. Our quench tank are designed by Australia melting expert which supposed to be the best quench tank in china. We use the quenching tank finish carbon steel casting, alloy steel casting, steel and alloy steel forging products. Main products include Mining Ground Engage Tools(G.E.T), Undercarriage products(tumbler, idler, track crawler), Rigging components, Lip, sheaves, dragline components(dragline walking cam, dragline walking frame), proper shaft, knee links, etc.

Products we widely do but not limit to:

Wear resistant castings, alloy steel casting, carbon steel casting, stainless steel casting, furan sand casting, duplex steel casting, High Chromite cast iron, Manganese steel casting, High alloy steel casting, supper alloy steel casting, Ni-hard wear products.

Ground Engaged Tool (G.E.T)

Typical products are cast lip, teeth, adaptor, shroud, heel corner

Undercarriage Components

The sprocket, idler, crawler shoes, rollers

Heavy Engineering Components

Dragline excavator walking CAM, walking frame, CAM shaft, sheave

Oil and Gas

Mainly Valve components, including ball valve, check valve, etc.

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