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Cast Lip

Cast lip is one of the most important components of the bucket used in the mining industry. WALKSON can provide cast lip from wheel loader to large hydraulic excavators and face shovel. Our foundry has an electrical arc furnace (E.A.F) and argon oxygen decarburization furnace (A.O.D), so that we can melt super high-quality steel, the nitrogen content can be well controlled below 50PPM. 

All the elements can be melted well to the required range. The maximum cast weight we can pour is up to 28T. We have a lot of experience in manufacturing cast lip to make sure high-quality cast lip are guaranteed from method design to deformation control during the heat-treatment process. After quenching and tempering process, the required mechanical property can be guaranteed. For the nose on the cast lip CNC machining method is used to guarantee accurate dimensions are achieved so that the adaptor or teeth can be well fit on the nose.

Benefits of Cast Lip

WALKSON, a reliable ground engaging tools supplier, has incredibly good control of the manufacture processes which is the key factor that we can provide high-quality cast lip. The main measures to ensure good products are made as below.

  • Good methods designing-Experienced methods engineer assisted with the FEM software, good cast methods can be designed for our products.

  • Best pattern tooling designing-our designing of the pattern tooling is very practical and can get rid of a lot of potential quality issue during the manufacture process.

  • Strict processes operation control-our shopfloor operation is conducted strictly according to the methods card and work instruction. As we believe the quality is produces, not test out.

  • Advanced melting equipment-E.A.F and A.O.D are the key equipment to make high-quality iron sand casting. The gas content in the steel can be controlled under extremely low level.

  • Professional heat treatment-The heat treatment methods, the loading methods, the capacity of the quench tank, the speed of agitation system, all of these are under our control.

  • Final dimension inspection experience in gauging designing and manufacture process, make sure the batch production products are all inspected and comply with dimension requirement.

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