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CNC Milling

WALKSON, as a professional custom precision cnc milling company in China, has been supplying mining components for decades. Main products by our factory include Ground Engage Tools (G.E.T), undercarriage components, mineral processing parts, wear parts and any steel castings and steel forgings for mining applications. Walkson, with its own machining center, has rich experience in cnc precision milling service, in manufacturing heavy castings and forgings, and cutting-edge technology is used to ensure high quality products. MAGMASOFT simulation is used for methods design, fast prototyping, reverse engineering, 3D printing, Laser scanning, etc. 

According to cnc milling diagram, WALKSON uses vertical machine to machining heavy engineering alloy steel casting and forging steel products. We have 4-axis, 5-axis CNC milling machine and CNC gantry machining centers. We can milling max 20m(long), 5m(wide)and 4m high steel casting, metal fabrication, forging products, surface finish roughness can up to Ra0.2, tolerance in 0.02mm. We gather 80% of china big casting, metal welding fabrication and big forging products machining in china, that means all heavy engineering casting, forging and metal welding fabrication parts.

Why Choose WALKSON

Walkson fully understand the key points of the whole manufacture processes. For example, incoming material inspection, pattern making, molds quality control, paint baume degree and thickness control, core setting up and close, melting and pouring practice, heat treatment and final gauging even painting and package. We know where that half millimeter counts and take better control of them. Parts like adaptors, bucket shrouds, pins, chain links, riggings and shackles, we delivered over 10 thousand pcs for one particular kind, the hardness reading still varies within 30 HBN.

For melting, we have induction furnace, induction plus AOD, induction plus ladle furnace (LF) plus Argon Oxygen Decarbonization (AOD), Electric arc furnace (EAF), EAF plus AOD, EAF plus LF plus Vacuum degassing (VD). Upon request, we can make the level of oxygen and nitrogen below 50 ppm and that of hydrogen below 1.5 ppm. 

We submit ITP plans for every single project and updates the process automatically. We witness every major manufacturing process to ensure the potential risk is spotted and eliminated at early stage. We also conduct PPAP, APQP, PFEMA, MSA, SPC for major projects to ensure successful prototyping and stable quality during batch production. Combined with MT/PT inspection, Ultrasonic testing, radiographic testing, and 3D laser scanning.

WALKSON, a professional cnc machining company in china, can manufacture parts comply with international standards like EN10293, EN10228, SCRATA, ASTM A148, ASTM A275, ASTM A532, ASTM A788, ASTM A609, ASTM 903, ISO 2768, JIS G5121, AS 2074, AS2574, GOST 21357, etc. Materials we supply including carbon steel, low alloy steel, high chrome white iron, High manganese steel, SG iron, etc. (for example, AISI 4140, 4330, 4340, AS2074, EN24, EN26, etc.)

Our mission is to provide high quality products and services to our customers and be the reliable partner. 

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