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Quality Control

According to the international standards and the corresponding national standards, our company has a perfect quality assurance system and testing system. Casting inspection has X-ray flaw detector, ultrasonic flaw detector and spectrum analyzer, and a well-equipped central laboratory for physical and chemical inspection, mechanical property test and quality tracking system.

Our quality control concept: casting quality comes from manufacturing processes. The key processes include casting methods design, pattern tooling design, reasonable production process design and reasonable quality control means in the whole shopfloor manufacturing processes.

Walkson, a reliable steel fabrication manufacturer, establish its quality control system according to the above concept. The overall quality control plan as below:

  • Conduct product analysis to sort out the key control points and potential quality risks and formulate FMEA (potential failure mode analysis in design phase).

  • For sand casting process, build 3D casting method model and be analyzed and verified by casting simulation software combined with our experienced methods engineer to get the best casting methods.

  • Work together with our pattern shop to optimize the pattern tooling design with our shopfloor manufacture experience.

  • Make sure all the on-site operation such as molding, melting, knockout, knockoff, heat treatment, and different types of forging process is conducted strictly according to the procedure requirement.

  • The final one is using testing equipment such as spectrometer, hardness tester, tensile testing machine, impact testing machine, metallographic microscope, ultrasonic flaw detector and magnetic particle flaw detector to make sure the good quality products are dispatched to our customers.