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Our foundry 

Our foundry has advanced equipment, experienced engineers, and skilled workers. We have strict process control procedures according to ISO9001, all of these make us a leading manufacturer in low alloy high strength steel casting foundries. 

Combined with CAE simulation software our experienced engineers can get the best casting methods for the products. Work together with our pattern shop the best pattern designing will be used to manufacture the pattern tooling to make sure good molds are achieved and accurate products size are gained at last. 

Sand molding such as our furan resin sand molding, melting, knockout, melting, pouring, dressing, heat treatment (normalize, Quench, Temper), and gauging processes all will be conducted according to our procedure to make sure the final products can meet the high standard of our customer.

Our foundry has all the necessary inspection/ testing equipment to secure high-quality castings are dispatched to our customers. The inspection & testing we can conduct include mechanical tensile strength testing, impact Charpy test, hardness test, NDT test (UT, MPI), all of the inspectors have relevant operation certification.

The main products we can provide are low alloy steel castings, including mining wear-resistant castings, Ground Engaged Tool (G.E.T), cast Lip for the bucket, heavy engineering components such as dragline walking cam, dragline walking frame, Dragline sheave, and crusher components, etc.

Below is our typical foundry equipment:

  • EAF (Electric Arc Furnace) +AOD (Argon Oxygen Decarburization Furnace)
    EAF (Electric Arc Furnace) +AOD (Argon Oxygen Decarburization Furnace)

    With this good melting equipment, we can get exceedingly high-quality molten liquid metal. The nitrogen content in the low alloy can be controlled below 80 PPM, which benefits a lot for the castings to achieve a very high comprehensive mechanical property. 

  • Heat Treatment Equipment
    Heat Treatment Equipment

    The center control combined with the Thermocouples inside the oven the uniformity of furnace temperature can be control between ±2℃

    The quench tank size is 8.2mx5mx5.8m. Quench media includes polymers and water.

Our Forging Factory

Our forging factory is one of the listed forging company in china, with high quality management system and certificates ISO9001 QMS, AS9100D QMS, ISO14001 EHS, ISO18001 OHSAS, HT pross—TPG LR, DNV GL, ABS and 9 main classifications, HT process—Nadcap, ISO17025 certification, UT process—Nadcap, AD2000—TUV Nord

Forging process—Nadcap, API20B

The main industry we serve are wind power, petrochemical, machinery, energy, oil and gas, mining edge products. Forging types are ring forging and open die forging. Material for different forging process like our precision aluminium forging process includes carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, super alloy steel, Ti-AL forging. 

We take control of every key processes such as raw material cutting-Forging-Heat Treatment-Lab test-Machining-Inspection-Packing and shipping so that high quality products can be secured. 

Below is our typical forging factory equipment:

7000ton Press Machine
7000ton Press Machine
With this huge press machine the maximum open die forging we can provide is 80T.

Our Fabrication

WALKSON has been honing our precision metal fabrication services for decades, especially skilled in quality stainless steel fabrication. We have deep relevant experience in materials from carbon steel, low alloy steel, stainless steel to copper. We mainly focus on the heavy equipment and mining industries products, we have a fabrication division to manufacture components for the applications such as excavator bucket, dozer frames and more.

To truly meet the needs of different industries, Dedication to extreme precision and quality is a priority. We comply with a range of industry standards that are important to each specific client.

In addition, we can perform virtually every required metal fabrication process, from bending and press brake, to high-definition plasma cutting and shearing. With a full-service commitment to our clients.

Also, we provide welding service, we have more than 50 certificated welders working for us with more than 10 years welding experience, all the welding can meet different industry standard and delivery on time with finish final machining and other requirements. 

We have extraordinarily strong machining ability. Various machining processes can be applied on the products, such as milling, turning, boring and spline cutting and CNC machining.