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What Are the Advantages of Professional Casting Manufacturers?

1. Advanced production process of casting components

There are more casting manufacturers, and many of them are relatively large in scale, so they are more advanced in production technology, especially when designing metal castings with more complex shapes. Small factories can't do it at all, or the quality is not enough, only large manufacturers Only with the strength and technology to meet user orders.

2. Various casting products 

WALKSON can produce more types of products. Basically, all kinds of castings can be produced, and there are more processes used, just like sand molded casting, precision casting, etc., basically no matter it is traditional crafts, or crafts that have just emerged in recent years, can be used normally.

However, other cast iron casting manufacturers may not be able to fully master so many processes. Different customers must have different requirements for products, and this needs to be completed through different processes.

3. Advanced casting technology of casting components

WALKSON boasts advanced technology. Due to the fast heat dissipation of the metal mold, the minimum wall thickness of the metal mold casting should be controlled very well. Therefore, for sand casting, the mold of the casting is larger than the actual size of the casting, but this technology is very difficult to grasp. It needs a professional master to complete it. In addition, the tendency of castings to separate from the surface of the metal mold during cooling and shrinkage requires a professional foundry.