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Procedures of the Sand Mould Casting Process

Ⅰ. Sand mould casting process

Mold preparation for sand casting process: preparation of molding materials, molding and core making. The various raw materials used for modeling and core making in sand casting, as well as the molding sand, core sand, and coating made from them, are collectively referred to as modeling materials.

Ⅱ. The procedure of the sand mould casting process

1. Before starting casting, it is necessary to make process drawings according to the drawings of the castings.

2. Prepare the required materials of the furan sand moulding and casting process.

3. The next step is the sand mixing process. We need to adjust the suitable sand mold according to the requirements of sand mold casting and different casting categories, and the adjusted sand mold can be used for modeling.

4. The next step is to make the core, shape and match the mold. The core is the shape inside the casting, and the shape is the casting cavity made by sand casting. Put the mud core in the cavity, and then put the upper and lower flasks together to complete the mold matching.

5. Our resin sand casting requires a good distribution ratio of chemical components according to the specified composition.

6. Pour the processed molten steel liquid into the sand box that has been equipped with the mold before, and then pour it.

7. After finishing pouring, wait until the molten metal has completely solidified. Then clean up the excess sand and falling sand, remove the gate and other accessories, so that a finished vacuum sand casting is completed.

8. The last step of the sand casting process is testing, which can be tested with the help of a machine to see if it meets the requirements. If it does not meet the requirements, it needs to be made again.