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Close die forging

WALKSON is a professional vendor of metal casting, forgings, and fabrication products from all over the world. Our clients include Australia, Canada, Turkey, Italy, Spanish, etc..

Close die forging is one of our field. With 1000 people, ERP management system during manufacture, we are doing high level of our close die forging product in China

Material include: 35CrMo, 42CrMo, 45CrMo, 45# steel, 35# steel, 20CrMoTi, etc.. Quench&Temper steel and other custom design material

Forging weight of products from 0.5kg-100kg per pc

Equipment include: KAPP NILES Teeth Grinding machine, AICHELIN Nitridation Line, Carburizing Line, Zeiss CMM, Gear Measuring Center, Surface Profile Meter, etc…

Products include: Planetary carrier, Spindle, Ring gear, Output gear shaft, Arm base, arm base forging and welding parts, Shaft sleeve, Lifting hook assembly, Pulley wheel, Planetary gear, Planetary gear shaft, Sun gear, coupling, driven gear

We welcome you to send your inquiry to info@walkson.com for quotation