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Analysis of Current Status and Cause of Failure of the Coke Oven Door Jamb

The current status of coke oven door jambs

On the side of the machine, the upper beam of the door frame is broken. Some of the upper beams of individual furnace numbers are broken in two places, suspended in the middle, or even detached. Some furnace numbers have broken in the middle of the left and right sides of the door frame, and when it is severe, it results in the door frame being twisted and deformed, which makes it difficult to remove the door during the production process. The deformation of the door frame causes the width of the carbonization chamber to shrink, and the door bricks get stuck in the door frame, making it difficult to remove the door. The personnel use a jack to place it on both sides of the door and slowly push it out, and some of the door bricks are broken during the process of removing the door, stuck in the door frame, and wait for the personnel to break it before pushing the coke.

The door frame of the carbonization chamber is severely deformed. The machine-side door bricks are used to reassemble a coke-side door (the width of the machine-side door bricks is 50mm smaller than that of the coke-side door bricks), and the coke is tested for pushing in an empty furnace. After confirming that there is no collision or friction between the pushing rod and the wall of the carbonization chamber, the carbonization chamber is closed and coal is loaded. This seriously affects the stable operation of production.

Analysis of the causes of coke oven door jamb failures

1. The high temperature in the top space of the furnace causes the top bricks to break, and the flames directly contact the door frame, resulting in uneven heating and top breakage.

2. The door is not sealed tightly, especially the small door and the upper part of the door. There are fewer fixing screws for the small door, the sealing edge is burned and deformed, the door is burned, and the flames directly contact the door frame, resulting in uneven heating and top breakage.

3. The pressure of the gas collecting pipe is unstable, resulting in serious damage to the door edge, with large area, which cannot be maintained normally.

4. The stress at the grouting of the protective plate is too concentrated, causing the protective plate to deform, the coke oven door jamb to bend, and even to break.

5. The system for clearing the door and frame of the four large coke oven cars is designed with German original wire brushes and scraper forms. The current operating effect is not good and cannot be cleared normally, resulting in poor door sealing and damage to the furnace column.

6. The impact of heavy rain caused the protective plate to deform, which is also the cause of the door frame failure.

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