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Advantages of CNC Milling and Turning Machining Parts

1. What is CNC milling and turning?

CNC milling and turning machining parts are a type of CNC machining parts. Program the turret with tools for CNC turning and milling of parts to move to the stock bar and remove material to produce the programming result. CNC turning and milling machined parts also have the ability to create various shapes, slots, holes and other necessary indentations.

2. Advantages of CNC milling and turning parts

(1) Accuracy: 

By incorporating CAD or CAM files into the process, the machine can perform rigorous measurements and eliminate the waste of natural and human errors. Whether it is to produce prototypes or complete the entire production process, the use of advanced CNC milling and turning parts can provide extremely high precision.

(2) Flexibility: 

Flexibility is another benefit of CNC milling and turning parts. With multiple size functions, it can meet the flexibility of various applications. Since the tasks performed by the machined parts are programmed, the changes are relatively simple. By accessing the keyboard, the operator of the machine can complete the company's components and then make the appropriate programming changes to produce something completely different.

(3) Repeatability: 

Through mass production with unparalleled precision, CNC milling and turning parts can provide excellent repeatability, which can maximize output and reduce losses.

(4) Safety: 

CNC milling and turning of parts is automatic, which can reduce labor intensity. At the same time, the car body adopts a fully enclosed or semi-enclosed protection device to prevent the processed products from flying up and reduce the damage to the personnel.